Why Titanium?



Nothing rides like a titanium frame. Imagine a material that gives the spring of steel but with the weight of carbon. Some say It’s like floating on air.
Titanium offers lateral stiffness for power transfer balanced with vertical compliance to absorb road imperfections and harshness - removing road buzz for a quiet, smooth ride. It has unparalleled strength to weight ratio, is twice as strong as aluminium with half the weight of steel.



Less is more with a titanium frame. It’s the connoisseurs’ choice. Elegant, often left unpainted, exquisitely handmade and crafted, a titanium frame stands out in a world of vividly painted mass produced carbon bikes. There is no need for embellishment, naked titanium is timeless. Just decide on a polished, lightly brushed or bead blasted finish. Minimalistically beautiful.



A titanium frame is a forever frame. Titanium is robust, impact resistant, fatigue tolerant, has no paint to chip or mark and will never corrode. As a material, it is peerless. Most brands over a lifetime warranty and some a 100 year warranty – so your titanium frame becomes part of your heritage

What is titanium?

Titanium frames are usually made from 3AL/2.5V aerospace grade titanium which was originally engineered for the hydraulic lines in military and commercial airlines. It is made into seamless tubes which takes considerable skill as titanium’s extreme oxygen reactivity (which makes it impervious to corrosion) means the process is a highly specialist skill delivered at a considerable production cost. Titanium is the material of choice for many other high precision uses such as watchmaking and surgery to screw and repair fractured bones.

The alloy contains, as it’s name suggests, 3% of aluminium and 2.5% vanadium. This blend of titanium offers strength and plasticity for thin walled frame tubing which delivers the now legendary ride comfort (vertical compliance) and power transfer (lateral stiffness) with the weight of carbon fibre. Some high end frames use 6AL/4V titanium for the main tubing sections to add further stiffness, and this extraordinary material is reflected in the extraordinary performance of the resultant frame.