Lynskey Titanium

The Tennessee Titanium specialist, Lynskey, is a family-owned and operated company with a burning desire to produce high-quality, custom-made, performance bicycle frames and parts, that are functional pieces of art. All their frames are hand-made in house by their technicians. The Lynskey family were originally behind the Litespeed brand and, to many, started the Titanium bike revolution before selling the brand and exiting the cycling industry for several years.


The Lynskey Sportive is perhaps the benchmark Titanium frame. Designed for all-round riding and allowing for mudguards and a rack if required its geometry and beautifully curved seat stays offer comfort and speed whatever your cycling ambitions. It is widely recognised as the go-to frame of choice and to compare others against. At under £2500 for a complete Fatbirds-Titanium build it rivals many carbon endurance bikes for price.


The R150 offers an excellent sub £2000 bike build with classic round tubes and a stunning, simplistic and purist classic look.

R380 & R470

For those looking more for speed the new for 2018 R380 and R470 offer racier geometry and high end 6/4 grade titanium main tubes plus the unique to Lynskey Helix twisted stays. A masterpiece of engineering and one that makes a statement in terms of looks and dynamics.